NIRX Block Payment Systems (NairaX) is developing the first crypto-payment processor usable across major eCommerce platforms on the globe. Our professional globally compliant AI system built in line with versatile security standards, will link businesses and services together by exposing businesses to one another on a global scale. Our system will allow businesses transact with our asset “NIRX”, other cryptocurrencies and FIAT on the local level.

NairaX is legally backed by FIAT, precisely the Nigerian Naira (NGN) on a 1:1 ratio; this insures retention of NIRX value as a stable backed coin. The model we employ, will virtually erode disadvantages posed by conventional inflationary models that utilize FIAT as the only form of payment within their marketplace.

Merchants in Africa and the entire globe inclusive, now have NIRX as a reliable trusted cryptocurrency which will be used as a form of payment to purchase goods and services anywhere on the globe and have them delivered to their doorsteps.


Why NairaX?

NairaX as a company is introducing an entirely new super-functional model into the eCommerce marketplace, to foster its mass adoption in other fintech based sectors of the world. We will also thrive in the competitive market by ensuring business transactions are trustless and most importantly; feeless. However, for all value-added services (VAT) on NairaX’s patent platform, transaction fees will be redeemable with NIRX coin.

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NairaX eWallet

NIRX Block Payment Systems is currently developing both web and mobile wallet clients, which will be integrated into various eCommerce and Fintech based platforms within Nigeria, Africa and subsequently used by the entire globe. As a company, we also aim to swap to our patent blockchain infrastructure. This way we will realistically be able to attain completely feeless node transactions in all ramifications. In no time, NIRX holders will be able to transact not only locally, but from any part of the globe in a seamless fashion.

Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a new financial system for storage of value. NairaX comes with a vision and utility for “NIRX”, which positively pushes for its adoption as a valid cryptocurrency to be used for payment of goods and services between various countries in our own marketplace.

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