Who We Are…

NIRX BLOCK PAYMENT SYSTEMS Nigeria Limited (“NIRX” or “NairaX”) is a limited company formally incorporated in 2017.  NairaX is registered to RC-2903759 & wholly operated by NIRX Block Payment Systems, with backing and limited support from financial bodies in Nigeria.

An appreciable quantity of NIRX assets are managed and housed in our company’s reserves. Serving as a digitally backed version of the Nigerian Naira (NGN) backed with an appreciable mix of NGN assets & bitcoin investments. NIRX has been deployed as the primary currency for completing transactions on our personalized eCommerce platform – MerchanirX.  Our market model is providing a true utility for the NairaX crypto asset “NIRX”, organically creating a natural relevance for crypto in African FinTech.

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Merchants in Africa and the entire globe inclusive, will now have a reliable hybrid crypto payment system faciliitating seamless purchases of goods and services anywhere in Africa with NIRX crypto.

Why NairaX?

NairaX as a company is introducing a unique super-functional market model to the general eCommerce marketplace, thereby furnishing mass adoption for blockchains in African fintech. We will thrive in the competitive eCommerce market through ensuring that business transactions conducted on our platform are trustless and most importantly “feeless”. However, for all value-added services (VAT) on NairaX payment system, transaction fees will be redeemable with NIRX.

NairaX will be taking over a virgin African e-Commerce market through the introduction of our sustainable as-well-as scalable business model, autonomously governed by blockchain based technology.

We will officially roll out our web and mobile wallet clients soon, which could be seamlessly integrated into conventional eCommerce and Fintech based platforms in Nigeria & Africa in entirety.  As a company, we also aim to establish a patent mineable blockchain infrastructure, to fully attain feeless node transactions. NIRX holders will be able to transact not only locally, but from any part of the African continent in a seamless fashion.


Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a new financial system for storage of value. NairaX has demonstrated a truly visionary stance in Fintech by facilitating an organic use case for cryptocurrencies in settling payments for goods and services within our marketplace.