About Us

NIRX Block Payment Systems Nigeria Limited (“NIRX” or “NairaX”) is a limited company formally incorporated in 2017 under RC-2903759. NairaX is wholly owned by NIRX Block Payment Systems, with backing and limited support from financial bodies in Nigeria. An appreciable quantity of NIRX assets are managed and housed in the company’s reserves to serve as a digitally backed version of the Nigerian Naira (NGN). NIRX will be initially deployed as the primary currency for completing transactions on our personalized eCommerce platform & subsequently on other popular platforms. This way we provide utility for the NairaX asset “NIRX” and organically push for its full relevance in global FinTech.

Since 2017, teams with NairaX continuously worked towards the development of the most stable Crypto-Commerce platform in Africa & the entire globe. This vision is merely a tip-of-the-iceberg, NIRX aims to join a list of most trusted cryptocurrencies globally to be used to securely complete payments for millions of business transactions.


How is this a possibility?

Asides the partially decentralized nature of the NIRX project, via our currently developing AI-Escrow systems, we can handle security challenges which has plagued conventional eCommerce for years. This serves as an additional driver for the stable adoption of our asset as a valid cryptocurrency. Abstractly, this will also positively impact upon the stability of the NGN (Nigerian Naira) and furthermore; the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a global form of payment.

NairaX team members had a vision to overtake the traditional global inflationary model by creating a real use case for cryptocurrency and enable billions of individuals around the world buy or sell products with cryptocurrency. Companies that want to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment need an easy, secure and reliable system to conduct transactions. This is where NairaX comes into viable use.

Through NairaX, a great opportunity for small scale manufacturers, self-employed entrepreneurs and family businesses will be realized through smart bookkeeping, regular sales analysis, advertisement and promotions.

Currently our only branch is in Lagos, Nigeria. NIRX Block Payments is planned to spread out to most African countries and subsequently the Globe.

Our team is populated with professional business strategists who are unified in one solidified vision:  Meeting targets set by Nairax and making it successful for the benefit of investors and NIRX holders.

Taken from the whitepaper