What is NIRX?

NIRX or NairaX ERC-20 stable backed coin serves to represent one single unit of NairaX, which is valued at a 1:1 ratio to the Nigerian Fiat Naira (NGN).

Can anyone buy NIRX?

Yes all countries can purchase NIRX via exchanges where we are listed. Please disregard any purported attempts by admins trying to sell NIRX to you in person, it is probably a scam. BEWARE!.

Can I re-sell NIRX to the Company?

Yes, our company is able to directly buy back NIRX from traders, sellers and investors who wish to sell their coins to our company. Terms implemented includes a 10%-off price to be exclusively agreed upon by the company and the holder. Right after this phase, the holder is immediately credited with the corresponding FIAT/ETH/BTC/LTC value.

What is NIRX POS consensus system?

NIRX POS system allows NIRX coin holders earn more coins by staking NIRX on the NairaX Platform. This feature will be enabled on our own blockchain infrascruture when we have swapped.

Is NIRX listed on exchanges?

Yes, NIRX listed on exchanges right after the past crowdsale programme. Details of current trade pairs & exchanges can be found at the bottom of the homepage.

Will NairaX host bounty events?

Yes, any and all ongoing bounty events will be available to all countries to fairly participate. Every qualified user will usually receive their reserved coins right after the events. Please visit our bounty page to follow up.

Can I mine NIRX?

NIRX assets aren’t mineable but can be staked to earn more coins. This feature will be enabled after the upcoming token-blockchain SWAP.

What does “fiat” mean?

This term refers to all forms of paper currencies that aren’t cryptocurrencies.

Is NIRX Block Payment Systems a registered company in Nigeria?

Yes, NairaX (NIRX) is a registered company in Nigeria on RC-2903759, located at Lagos State, Nigeria. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of the website.

Have more questions? Please contact us. We are always glad to answer your questions and address your inquiries.