NairaX (NIRX) is a digitally signed BEP20-based asset developed on Binance’s proof of stake (POS) consensus system & backed with an appreciable quantity of the Nigerian Naira (NGN) & Bitcoin assets owned by our company. NIRX carves a unique utility as the internal transactional currency of the first ever crypto based eCommerce system in Africa “MerchanirX“.  MerchanirX will exclusively process business transactions on our ecommerce platform with NIRX as its default payment currency.


 Smart Contract Address (BEP20): 0xfa577302616648c51bb1b4b1dcb870ba107e1c24


Old Smart Contract Address (ERC20): 0xf0ccca32cd300356629216eb301ec6649c7c6adb


Since 2017, our company has worked tirelessly towards the deployment of NIRX’s intelligent market model, with an understanding that it will become integrable in most sectors of African fintech in the future; Firstly as a profitable asset that facilitates transactions in eCommerce and finally: as a feed for NairaX’s payment processor.

The idea for the NIRX project was borne from an undeniable necessity to sustainably deliver a unique crypto based payment gateway which will positively impact upon the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a store of value in general global markets .

NairaX (NIRX) assets will serve as the default mode of payment on NairaX eCommerce platform, alongside other cryptocurrencies and FIAT on the local level. No less than a one-to-one ratio will be maintained between NIRX and the Nigerian Naira (NGN).